Highlights & Features of MPSIAI Service

Trained & Licensed Security Guards

We give high premium on training. Our guards undergo a well-rounded and thorough training in all aspects of security work before they are given assignments. The minimum requirement of a guard is at least high school graduate, or has earned not less than 72 units in college.
To ensure quality service and adherence to our values and principles, our own instructors conduct the training. A specialized training is done based on the requirements of the clients.

No guard is given a post without having gone through the MPSIAI training program.Likewise, the requisite government license to practice the profession is necessary before anyone is allowed to work.
We havea force of highly trained and duly licensed guards.

Clients are given the option to select the guards to be deployed in their premises.

No Union Tie-up

Total quality service is foremost of our commitments to our clients. We offer a healthy working environment and relationship among our guards, the agency and the clients, free from work interruption such as but not limited to work stoppage, strikes and other labor related problems and concern. This assurance is possible because our guards are neither member of a labor union nor affiliates of any labor organizations.

Our guards are always in complete uniform when on duty. Ordinarily, the uniform of guards is the “blue type”. However clients have the prerogative to request the type of uniform, provided this is in accordance with the PNP-SOSIA requirement. All guards are equipped with licensed firearms, not lower than caliber .38 revolvers or 12 gauge shotguns and two-way radios. Other requirements may be supplied subject to prior arrangement and coordination.

Supervision & Instruction Of Guards

Generally, Agency Officers supervise our guards. However, clients shall have administrative management over them. Thus, it is part of the duties and responsibilities of guards to obey and implementall lawful orders and instruction of Clients.

Compensability Claims

We assume total responsibility in the event of death due to accident or incapacitation by any injury of the guards in the performance of their duty. We are likewise fully liable to our guards on and for any and all demands, claims and action relative to their employment, including but not limited to Presidential Decrees, Labor Laws, Rules and Regulations. Clients are at all times held free and blames to the guards on matter affecting their employment. No employer-employee relationship exits between the guard and clients.


We make full restitution and arrange for the recovery of such loss or damage should a client suffer losses through theft, robbery and pilferage or damage to properties due to the negligence of our security guards as established by investigation of competent authorities. It is understood, however, that we shall not be held liable for any damage or losses beyond our control caused by force majeure or fortuitous events.

General Liability Insurance Coverage

We provide General Liability Insurance forany injury or client’s employees or customer or damage to client’s properties caused by our guards accidentally, except when lawfully performing their duties and protecting the interest of clients such as defending it against unlawful perpetrators or pacifying unruly employeesin the event of a strike.

Security Inspection & Operational Briefing

We maintain daily routine inspection of guards and weekly assessment of our service performance. Aside from the Agency monthly meeting of guards, our Operation Officers personally conduct regular detachment inspections. Likewise, in order to maintain a good working relationship with clients, they perform and do normal courtesy and coordination on client’s officers in charged with the provision of our security guards. Performance of every guard is also evaluated by the Agency with the help of Security Manager of clients or a trimestral basis to ensure quality services.

Security Consultancy

We offer to all our clients, at no added cost, security survey and audit, consultancy on total security programs, concepts and practices to complement and optimize the efficiency of the guards. Ourkey officers are all experienced in the field of industrial security. They are very much qualified and certified as professional security practitioners.

Highly Qualified Guards

The Agency, in general, adopts the requirements of R.A. 5487 as the minimum standard for the qualifications of guards. Clients, nonetheless, have the right and prerogative to establish qualifications of guards to be assigned in their premises.

No Labor Problems/cases

Clients will never be dragged into and impleaded as a party to labor cases. We guarantee and maintain that clients are free and blameless should there be unscrupulous, unfoundedcases filed against byguards.

Monthly Contract Rate

The contractrate is in accordance with existing legislation. All monetary considerations and benefits due to guards are paid directly to them.