1. We conduct comprehensive examinations and rigid interview to all applicants.

    2. We conduct character and background check investigation to all applicants to determine their suitability for employment.

    3. We review every personnel file to insure selection standards.

    4. We subject applicants to psychiatric examination to determine their mental capabilities and status before employment .

    5. We verify continuous honesty by giving polygraph test on a periodic basis.


A comprehensive training program on a regular scale is provided to all personnel assigned to maintain proficiency in their specific tasks. The training plans and programs of the Agency submitted to the client as well as other programs such as seminars on personality development, value formation, and the like shall be maintained. TO COMPETENT and strengthen the conceived quality control plan, a daily and monthly activity schedule is likewise proposed to include:

(1) rank formation/briefing
(2) radio monitoring
(3) post inspection
(4) post report
(5) post safety/ security report.


    1. We require our guards to undergo In-ServiceTraining

    2. We teach our guards on occupational hazards and how to maintain safety for clients and their personnel

    3. We require our guards to undergo fire prevention and control

    4. We teach and train them to carry out the Eleven (11) General Orders, Code of Conducts, Code of Ethics, and the different rules and regulations pertaining to Blue Guards, and require them to carry a copy of these documents for ready reference in their job of protecting life and property

    5. We give them detailed orientation of their area/ place of assignments and brief them in their respective duty assignments and specific job descriptions.


1. We render competent and close supervision of our guards

2. We require our guards to submit Weekly Accomplishment Report covering their tour of duty.

3. We train our Guard Supervisor the procedures and skills of training and selecting guards for promotion.

4. We render report of Weekly Accomplishment to our clients to ensure that they are properly informed.

5. We assign a Guard Supervisor especially trained in operational procedures to each client with four or more guards.